Hi, my name is Stephan. I am 30 years old, and I live in Cologne, Germany. In my bachelor studies of media technology in Düsseldorf I had the chance to try out many technical areas (e.g. creating of electronic boards, professional music- and video-production, programming of computer games, virtual and augmented reality and even more). I will dig out some of the most exciting projects and present them here on my blog. After my bachelor studies, I went back to my city of birth, Cologne.

My master’s degree of media technology was more about software engineering, and I learned a lot about data processing, software architectures and so on. During my studies, I have worked as an Android Developer for a small agency for digital cultural communication, and I was responsible for the technical development of Android apps for several cultural institutions – that was fun. Unfortunately, I had to leave the company for my master thesis, which I wrote at the consultancy viadee. My thesis was about the evaluation of application scenarios and risk analysis for the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons within companies. The whole project was excellent from the start to the end. One of the highlights was presenting my master thesis at the viadee Innovation days 2015 in front all the great senior consultants. Maybe you can spot me in the official video 🙂

However, I have always occupied myself with software engineering. Programming and scripting already fascinated me when I was as a teenager, so this is a fixed constant in my life. After my Masters Degree in May 2015, I decided to go into the network technology business, because I wanted to work more with hardware and I got a job as a System Engineer / Young Professional at Xantaro. The networking industry is changing dramatically as software is becoming more and more important.

I finished the Juniper JNCIP-SP certification in August 2016 and after almost two years experience although in giving technical assistance I built a strong basic knowledge of network technology, especially IP/MPLS. Within 2016 I have set my focus more and more on network related software/automation engineering – e.g. Ansible, SaltStack, Docker and so on.

I will blog about stuff related to Juniper networks, software-defined networking, network automation and network function virtualization – buzzword alarm 🙂 Probably also about some other individual topics. Thanks for your attention and for visiting my blog.


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