hello, here I am.

Hi stranded visitor, this is my first blog post in my first own blog – to get everything started 🙂 There are already many blogs out there and some of them are outstanding. Some of you will think „Oh no, not yet another unimportant and boring technology blog.“ I can only answer that I will try to avoid redundancy and prepare every blog entry as best I can so that it provides an added value.


A few month ago I decided that I would like to capture my technical experiences and achievements in a blog. Especially whenever I had to search for all information to get started with new a topic and when I thought there was a kind of a beginners tutorial customized for my needs, of course. There have also been a few lucky moments when I found useful information in the small corners of the web. Sometimes I do not even know how I got there. Google is always your friend.

The world wide web means a lot to me – not only because i grew up with it. I have already designed web projects and played with web techniques as a teenager. E.g. i started a gaming news and information portal with two friends when I was 15 years old. The project is still maintained by my friend Raymond – props to him. All in all, I would like to inspire people to try out new stuff and to convince them of the advantages and beauty of software. Basically, I will blog about different things that interest me. That’s all. The blog, technical topics and me I’ll get started.

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